The Challenges

To remain competitive the UK potato processing industry relies on a sustainable supply of high quality raw material to meet the current and future demands for its products. For this to be achieved in the longer term, it will be necessary to increase the efficiency of crop production and to optimise yields sustainably. We need to improve marketable yields, with the necessary processing characteristics, whilst being respectful of resources and the environment.

Water availability, the loss of land to the production of biofuels, greenbelt reviews and urban development are amongst the many factors that could threaten the competitiveness of the GB processing industry.

Using constant product innovation PPA members have met health and well-being targets for salt and saturated fat, developing products that meet consumer demands for taste and convenience. This has been achieved alongside a reduction in manufacturing waste and the uptake of recycling to produce energy to run the factories.

The sector also has to keep pace with rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, with a focus on the way our food is grown, produced and labelled.