PPA Activity

To address the challenges facing the sector the PPA strategy has 4 key objectives:

1. Preserving and enhancing the reputation of processed potato products

The PPA has a role to play in communicating how the processing sector is both environmentally responsible, working with the supply chain to improve resource use efficiency and reducing waste; and socially responsible, highlighting all that the industry has done to reformulate products to improve the consumer offering.

2. Securing supply

In order to secure a long-term supply of raw material for processing, growers need access to land, water and the latest innovations in crop production, to grow high quality crops in a sustainable manner.

The PPA works through its Technical Committee to identify the priorities for research and innovation in all aspects of potato growing, handling, storage and processing, with the aim of optimising marketable yields of raw material for the potato processing industry. Improved efficiency in the supply chain and reduced inputs and costs, must be allied with an emphasis on the current high-level of health and safety of the products.

3. Assuring food safety

The sector has a firm commitment to quality assurance and food safety, as demonstrated by a commitment to source from Red Tractor members. The PPA is working with Red Tractor to ensure that audits are robust without overburdening growers. We have a firm commitment to introducing more robust HACCP controls in the fresh produce standards and continuing the application of these controls during processing.

The PPA works closely with EUPPA and SNACMA to provide the industry with the latest information on process contaminants; working with members to support their involvement in monitoring and mitigation programmes.

4. Supporting the skills agenda

Across the whole potato industry we face the challenge of attracting the next generation to work in the supply chain, from farm, to factory or pack house, service sectors and beyond.

If you are interested in membership please contact: ppa@fdf.org.uk