An Alliance of Associations

An Alliance of Trade Associations

The Potato Processors’ Association (PPA) represents the interests of UK manufacturers of processed potato products; currently 90% of all potatoes processed – principally frozen chips, and potato products, potato crisps, potato based snack products and dehydrated potato. The PPA works through an alliance of Trade Associations, incorporating the Frozen and Chilled Potato Processors’ Association (FCPPA) and in association with the producers of potato snacks, who are members of SNACMA.

The Association of Associations (See Figure 1)

The PPA and SNACMA both have technical committees. SNACMA’s Technical Working Party (TWP) has a stronger focus on the technical challenges of processing, while the PPA Technical Committee covers food law for FCPPA members, plus potato primary production, storage and sustainability issues for all members. The Associations work together, sharing information and taking a collaborative approach to consumer and corporate affairs issues. There is wider input from European PPA (EUPPA) and the European Snack Association (ESA) and a broader view on issues across different food industries from the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and FoodDrinkEurope (FDE) at an EU level. We also work closely with AHDB, the NFU and other Trade Associations, such as the Fresh Potatoes Suppliers Association (FPSA).


Figure 1: The Association of Associations

FDE: FoodDrinkEurope
EUPPA: Euopean Potato Processors’ Association
ESA: European Snacks Association
FDF: Food and Drink Federation
SNACMA: The Snack, Nut and Crisp Manufacturers Association
PPA: Potato Processors’ Association
FCPPA: Frozen and Chilled Potato Processors’ Association