Other Useful Links

Industry events

EUPPA, General Assembly, 26th May 2016, Brussels www.euppa.eu
BP2015 (AHDB Potatoes event): potatoes.ahdb.org.uk



APRE – The Alliance for Potato Research and Education: www.apre.org
EFSA, the European food safety authority: www.efsa.europa.eu
Food Drink Europe acrylamide toolbox: http://ec.europa.eu
Good Fries Golden Recipe: www.goodfries.eu
Nematicide Stewardship Group: www.nsp.org.uk
Potato industry CIPC Stewardship Group: www.cipccompliant.co.uk
Red Tractor Assurance – Potato Crop Protocol: http://assurance.redtractor.org.uk
The British Potato Variety Database: www.varieties.potato.org.uk